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Hi I'm Annie!

I’m so happy you stumbled upon my website! I’m very grateful to have you here. A little bit about me: My husband, Seth, and I have four kids - Ford, Colton, Harper, and Grey. I LOVE cooking - it's a huge passion of mine, though picky toddlers can be tricky!  I love people – getting to know them, photographing them, connecting with them. It would be an honor to connect with you and your family to capture your season of life. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

family and lifestyle photographer

"root and wander"

The name I chose for my business has a lot of significance to me for a few reasons. It describes our family. Deeply rooted: rooted in our home, our community, and our faith. And ALL we do now is wander! It’s me and the kids, all day long, wandering around looking for new places to go, new trails to find, new books at the library, new playgrounds to explore. Our day to day is FULL of wandering, and I couldn’t love those moments of wandering and exploration any more than I do. 

Root and Wander also describes the current journey we are on now. The reason I started this business is because my husband is leaving his current career to pursue counseling. He is getting a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling online while still working full time at his current job. This is how Root and Wander was born, as a way to help support our family financially during this time of change. The name represents this journey: rooted in each other and our family, but also wandering in pursuit of a life spent serving and loving others.

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